BDR researchers coming from diverse research fields are working together to achieve higher goals.

Seminars & Symposia

Seminars & Symposia

BDR hosts annual symposium and regular seminars inviting international scientists in life science.

Careers & Study

Careers & Study

BDR embraces people from diverse backgrounds, and strives to create an open and supportive setting for research.



BDR communicates the appeal and significance of our research to society through the use of various media and activities.



From research, events, people and everything in between, find out what’s going on at RIKEN BDR.

About Us

About Us

Exploring the scientific foundations of life through interdisciplinary approaches to address society’s problems.

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A to G

Shunsuke Tagami

Advanced Biomolecular Engineering

Yoshitaka Ishii

Advanced NMR Application and Development

Hiroshi Kiyonari

Animal Resources and Genetic Engineering

Yi-Long Cui

Biofunction Dynamics Imaging

Itoshi Nikaido

Bioinformatics Research

Koichi Takahashi

Biologically Inspired Computing

Yuji Sugita

Biomolecular Function Simulation

Takuya Hayashi

Brain Connectomics Imaging

Fumio Matsuzaki

Cell Asymmetry

Atsuko Iwane

Cell Field Structure

Yasushi Okada

Cell Polarity Regulation

Masahiro Ueda

Cell Signaling Dynamics

Yuichi Taniguchi

Cell Systems Control

Yoshihiro Shimizu

Cell-Free Protein Synthesis

Yosky Kataoka

Cellular Function Imaging

Takanori Kigawa

Cellular Structural Biology

Takamitsu Hosoya

Chemical Biology

Tomoya Kitajima

Chromosome Segregation

Kazunari Miyamichi

Comparative Connectomics

Tomonobu Watanabe

Comprehensive Bioimaging

Makoto Taiji

Computational Molecular Design

Shun-ichi Sekine

Cryo-EM Operation Team

Shuichi Onami

Developmental Dynamics

Ichiro Hiratani

Developmental Epigenetics

Yoshihiro Morishita

Developmental Morphogeometry

Teruki Honma

Drug Discovery Computational Chemistry Platform Unit

Makoto Taiji

Drug Discovery Molecular Simulation Platform Unit

Mikako Shirouzu

Drug Discovery Structural Biology Platform Unit

Ichio Shimada

Dynamic Structure of Biomolecules

Takashi Umehara

Epigenetics Drug Discovery

Yu-Chiun Wang

Epithelial Morphogenesis

Shigeru Kuratani

Evolutionary Morphology

Yoshinori Yanagisawa

Functional Ultra-High-Field Magnet Technology