BDR researchers coming from diverse research fields are working together to achieve higher goals.

Seminars & Symposia

Seminars & Symposia

BDR hosts annual symposium and regular seminars inviting international scientists in life science.

Careers & Study

Careers & Study

BDR embraces people from diverse backgrounds, and strives to create an open and supportive setting for research.



BDR communicates the appeal and significance of our research to society through the use of various media and activities.



From research, events, people and everything in between, find out what’s going on at RIKEN BDR.

About Us

About Us

Exploring the scientific foundations of life through interdisciplinary approaches to address society’s problems.

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Careers & StudyDiversity

BDR's Diversity at a Glance

Age Distribution
(Principal Investigators)
A  pie chart showing age distribution of principal investigators. 8%, 39%, 33%, and 20% of them are in their 30s, 40s, 50s and over, respectively.
Gender Balance
(Research Staff and Students)
A pie chart showing gender balance in total。61% and 38% of total personnel are male and female, respectively
Pie charts showing gender balance among PI and researchers. 8% of PIs, and 28% of researchers are female.
Pie charts showing gender balance among technical staffs and students. 84% of technical staffs, and 27% of students are female.
(Research Staff and Students)
A pie chart showing the ratio of nationality among the total personnel of BDR. Japanese: 85%, Personnel from Asian Countries:12%, and personnel form other area of the world: 3%.
Bar graphs showing the numbers of personnel from countries in Asia. 36 people are from China, 10 from India, 5 from Malaysia, 4 from South Korea, and 12 from other asian countries.
Bar graphs showing the numbers of personnel from areas other than Asia. 15 people are from Europe, 4 from Middle East, 2 from North America, 1 from Latin America.

Data from Apr. 2022

We at RIKEN BDR recognize that diversity in the workplace is key to stimulating and fostering interactions that promote creative and innovative scientific research carried out at the Center. We strive to ensure that all personnel, regardless of gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, religion, marital status, disabilities or age, can achieve an ideal work-life balance so that they can make the most of their talents.

BDR has established its own Diversity and Equality Promotion Committee that actively identifies and raises awareness of diversity and equality issues, and is hard at work to find ways to create an inclusive and positive environment for all. Recognizing the chronic deficit in diversity in all areas in the Japanese society and its underlying historic and cultural backdrop, we take an active stance and are particularly keen on welcoming and incorporating everyone to participate in the process of making the change. We coordinate our efforts with the Office of Diversity Promotion and the Gender Equality Promotion Committee established at RIKEN Headquarters as well as the local branches of RIKEN’s Gender Equality Promotion Committee.

Promotion of Women in Science

Women are faced with challenges at all stages of their careers, and in Japan, there is a large underrepresentation of women in research and management positions, particularly in the STEM fields. At RIKEN BDR, we are aware of these gender gaps and are working to increase the number of women in research and leadership positions, for example, by establishing quotas for hiring women for leadership positions for each recruitment call.

In November 2021, the BDR launched a seminar series called,  "Women and Future in Science,"  which features women researchers and their research achievements in the life science field. Early-career women scientists carrying out cutting-edge research and other women scientists at different stages of their career will be invited to speak with the hope that we can contribute to enhancing the visibility of women researchers in the scientific community and inspiring the next-generation of women scientists.

International Diversity at RIKEN BDR

Human Resources staff advising a foreign researcher

There are about 600 personnel working at RIKEN BDR, and approximately 15 % of them come from outside Japan. Most of the laboratories are bilingual with Japanese and non-Japanese scientists and technical staff working together to achieve common research goals. The Center offers Japanese and English bilingual administrative support for its personnel, and the symposia, meetings and most of the seminars organized by BDR are conducted in English. There is also support available to assist personnel from abroad to settle into their life in Japan.

Work-Life Balance

A wide range of measures to promote work-life balance are available for qualified personnel, including those related to work style, funding assistance programs for families, training and mentoring opportunities to enhance work skills and capabilities.