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Seminars & Symposia

Seminars & Symposia

BDR hosts annual symposium and regular seminars inviting international scientists in life science.

Careers & Study

Careers & Study

BDR embraces people from diverse backgrounds, and strives to create an open and supportive setting for research.



BDR communicates the appeal and significance of our research to society through the use of various media and activities.



From research, events, people and everything in between, find out what’s going on at RIKEN BDR.

About Us

About Us

Exploring the scientific foundations of life through interdisciplinary approaches to address society’s problems.

Kobe Gallery

OutreachVisiting BDR

Site visits at Kobe and other locations

A mock lab exhibiting model animals used in BDR at Kobe campus.

The RIKEN BDR accepts applications from schools and other educational institutions (high school age and older) for group visits to the Center.

If you are interested in a group visit to RIKEN BDR’s Kobe Campus, please read the following information and submit an application via the online form.

For inquiries regarding visiting the Yokohama campus, please look at the RIKEN Yokohama facility tours page.

We do not accept applications for private visits by individuals. Members of the general public who wish to visit the BDR are encouraged  to visit the Center during the annual Open Day event.

Regarding site visits to Kobe campus

  • In principle, the BDR can only host visits by groups of 5–40 people. For groups under 5 or over 40 people, please consult the BDR before submitting your application.
  • Visitors must be at least of high school age and above.
  • Site visits will be given in English or Japanese by a science communicator. For other languages, please arrange your own interpreter.
  • Visits can be arranged on weekdays between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
  • Visits generally are 60–120 minutes long.

Model schedule (can be modified as necessary)

  • 60-minute visit: Overview of BDR activities
  • 60-120 minute visit: Overview of BDR activities + tour of the Gallery and observing samples.

We normally do not arrange for lectures given by researchers or arrange tours of the laboratories.

Site visits are free. (Visitors are responsible for their own travel expenses to the Center.)


  • RIKEN conducts research activities while taking precautionary measures to prevent spread of infections. If there are any changes, they will be announced on the RIKEN Kobe Campus website.
  • In the event that the staff handling the tour is unable to commute to work due to the outbreak of an infectious disease or problems with transportation, and it is difficult to find a staff replacement, we may be forced to change the date or cancel the tour.
  • Please consult the BDR in advance if you require special assistance due to reduced mobility or a disability.
  • In principle, we do not accept applications from organizers who are arranging visits for commercial (for-profit) purposes.
  • We may not be able to accommodate all site visit requests due to prior engagements.
  • We may take photographs during the site visit that will be used on our website, social media, etc. as part of our PR activities. Please inform us at the time of application or on the day of the visit, if you do not wish to be photographed.

Regarding application

  • Please fill-in and submit the site visit application form below.
  • Applications will be accepted from three months before the requested site visit date.
  • We will send a reply to the contact email address listed on the application form regarding whether or not we can accommodate your request and details of the site visit.

If you have any general inquiries regarding group site visits, please use the Inquiry form.