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Laboratory for Comprehensive Bioimaging

Team Leader

Tomonobu WatanabePh.D.

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  • Location:Kobe / Developmental Biology Buildings, Hiroshima
  • E-mail:tomowatanabe[at]riken.jpPlease replace [at] with @.
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Exploring the potential of light and changing biology

Research Summary

Light has been an essential modality in medical and life science for 400 years because of the availability of living specimens. When light passes through the biomaterial or when light emanates from the biomaterial, the light is modified/modulated by information inside the biomaterial. Our developmental aim is extract the biological information from the fluorescence or scattering light. We are also trying to apply the developed measurement technology to various fields such as medicine and agriculture. For example, Raman scattering light contains all the molecular information constituting a substance, and the Raman scattered light spectrum of the cell is very complicated. We exploit this complexity to make Raman scattered light spectrum into a cellular fingerprint that identifies the type and state of cells. In addition, this "cell fingerprinting technology" is developed as an evaluation method applicable without touching or damaging cells or tissues. We are conducting research and development on as many innovation seeds as possible by simultaneously developing both basic measurement principles and practical application techniques. We believe that these technologies support many biological research fields and contribute to industries and revitalize the community.

Research Theme

  • Stem cell research by utilizing single molecule measurement for transcription factors.
  • Development and application of cellular fingerprinting based on Raman spectroscopy
  • Development and application of protein structural analysis based on second harmonic generation microscopy
  • Development of whole tissue imaging
  • The others

Main Publications List

  • Kawai T, Mihara Y, Morita M, et al.
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  • Ali A, Abouleila Y, Shimizu Y, et al.
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