BDR researchers coming from diverse research fields are working together to achieve higher goals.

Seminars & Symposia

Seminars & Symposia

BDR hosts annual symposium and regular seminars inviting international scientists in life science.

Careers & Study

Careers & Study

BDR embraces people from diverse backgrounds, and strives to create an open and supportive setting for research.



BDR communicates the appeal and significance of our research to society through the use of various media and activities.



From research, events, people and everything in between, find out what’s going on at RIKEN BDR.

About Us

About Us

Exploring the scientific foundations of life through interdisciplinary approaches to address society’s problems.

Fly embryo trachea system

ResearchResearch Areas

BDR applies approaches from diverse fields of life sciences to unveil the fundamental biology unfolding during the organismal life cycle, including that of humans.

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Analyzing the structure and function of biomolecules and applications to functional molecular design.

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Understanding the cell system through precise measurements of the dynamics of intracellular molecules and cell behavior.

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Modeling biological phenomena at the molecular and cellular level using computer science.

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Elucidating cell-cell interactions and inter-organ communication systems.

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Capturing the homeostatic state and its breakdown by synthetic biology and molecular imaging.

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Elucidating the mechanisms of development and aging of multicellular organisms to understand the human lifecycle.

Stem Cell

A research program intended to accelerate translational research by integrating clinical demands with the BDR’s cutting-edge research and technologies.

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The DMP aims to contribute to the identification of new treatments for cancer and other diseases by promoting collaboration within RIKEN for the development of innovative new pharmaceuticals and medical technologies.