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Laboratory for Advanced Biomolecular Engineering

Team Leader

Shunsuke TagamiPh.D.

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  • Location:Yokohama
  • E-mail:shunsuke.tagami[at]riken.jpPlease replace [at] with @.

We are developing biomacromolecules that control enzymes and cells.

Research Summary

We are engineering functional biomacromolecules applicable to medical and basic researches, by integrating technologies in synthetic and structural biology including peptide/RNA in vitro evolution, X-ray crystallography, etc. Utilizing the same technologies, we are also trying to reconstruct the evolutional pathway of primordial proteins.

Research Theme

  • We are engineering peptides that control cells and enzymes for use in medical and basic science.
  • We are trying to experimentally reconstruct evolutional pathway from primordial peptides to elaborate proteins.

Main Publications List

  • Sumida T, Dubiley S, Wilcox B, et al.
    Structural Basis of Leader Peptide Recognition in Lasso Peptide Biosynthesis Pathway.
    ACS Chemical Biology., 14(7), 1619-1627 (2019) doi: 10.1021/acschembio.9b00348
  • Tagami S, Attwater J, Holliger P.
    Simple peptides derived from the ribosomal core potentiate RNA polymerase ribozyme function.
    Nature Chemistry 9. 325-332 (2017) doi: 10.1038/nchem.2739.
  • Tagami S, Sekine S, Minakhin L, et al.
    Structural basis for promoter specificity switching of RNA polymerase by a phage factor.
    Genes & Development 28(5). 521-531 (2014) doi: 10.1101/gad.233916.113
  • Tagami S, Sekine S, Kumarevel T, et al.
    Crystal structure of bacterial RNA polymerase bound with a transcription inhibitor protein.
    Nature 468(7326). 978-982 (2010) doi: 10.1038/nature09573


Shunsuke TagamiTeam Leader shunsuke.tagami[at] CV
Peiying LiResearch Scientist[at]
Sota YagiSpecial Postdoctoral Researcher sota.yagi[at] CV
Almasul AlfiResearch Scientist almasul.alfi[at]
Tami KosugeAssistant tami.kosuge[at]

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