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Laboratory for Cell Systems Control

Unit Leader

Yuichi TaniguchiPh.D.

  • Location:Osaka / Quantitative Biology Buildings
  • E-mail:taniguchi[at]riken.jpPlease replace [at] with @.

Elucidating the rules and logic of single cell systems dynamics

Research Summary

We are working to reveal rules and logic of single cell systems dynamics by developing innovative technologies. We aim to explore comprehensive and exhaustive properties of single cells based on cutting-edge technologies including single molecule imaging, high-throughput analysis, 3D genome structure analysis, molecular dynamics simulation, machine learning, MEMS and bioinformatics. We also intend to create new concepts for describing and understanding complex behaviors of single cells regulated by vast numbers of genes and bio-molecules. Ultimately, we aim to provide key principles for forecasting and controlling complex cell behaviors.

Research Theme

  • Establishment of single-molecule imaging methods for detecting biomolecules in single cells.
  • Development of methods for comprehensive and exhaustive characterization of the cell.
  • Exploring regulatory mechanisms of the cell based on genome structure and epigenome analyses.
  • Modeling rules and logic for complex single cell systems dynamics.
  • Development of methods for controlling cellular states and medical applications.

Main Publications List

  • Leclerc S, Arntz Y, Taniguchi Y.
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  • Leclerc S, Arntz Y, Taniguchi Y.
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  • Ohno M, Priest DG, Taniguchi Y.
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  • 谷口雄一、西村和哉
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