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There are a wide range of research and non-research positions available at the RIKEN BDR. As the BDR laboratories are found in three main locations—Kobe, Osaka and Yokohama—and a small outpost in Hiroshima, your work location is generally determined by the laboratory that you join.

Recruitment for most positions occur on a rolling basis, so interested applicants are recommended to check back periodically for currently available positions. Candidates are also welcome to contact the lab head directly to inquire whether a position may be opening shortly and/or whether they may be interested in having you join the laboratory.

Application procedures for currently available positions can be found on each job description page.

Current openings

Call for new Team Leaders

  • 3 independent PI positions (one or more women)
  • Work location: RIKEN BDR Kobe Campus (Kobe, Japan)
  • Generous startup package and funding

We are now recruiting Team Leaders (TLs) to head new laboratories that will explore new fields of life cycle science. Research at BDR strives to unveil how organisms including humans control the transitions of life stages, and how they achieve long-term control across distinct life stages. We encourage proposals for unique interdisciplinary approaches addressing topics such as metabolic, epigenetic, and morphogenetic transitions in the life cycle, multi-organ interactions, stem cell-based tissue maintenance, transgenerational interactions, aging, or other topics that may lead to conceptual advances in life cycle science.

BDR provides early-career TLs with an excellent environment for their independent research, including internationally competitive start-up packages and annual research funds as well as mentoring by experienced senior PIs. TLs will have access to cutting-edge facilities and have opportunities for active collaborations with medical institutions, industry, and affiliated graduate schools.

We welcome applications from candidates of any gender or nationality, and encourage applications from women and non-Japanese scientists. The recruitment will remain open until three scientists, including one or more women, are appointed. The working language for all discussions open to BDR members is English.

For more information and required application documents, please visit the APPLICATION WEBSITE. We have started reviewing applications. The recruitment will continue until three positions are filled.

RIKEN Special Postdoctoral Researcher (SPDR) Program

RIKEN's Special Postdoctoral Researcher (SPDR) program provides creative young scientists of any nationality with the opportunity to undertake autonomous and independent research on a topic of their own choosing that is in line with RIKEN objectives and research fields. They work under the direction of the host laboratory’s principal investigator and is intended to help promising young scientists to establish global careers with three years of funding. Candidates should contact the lab of interest in advance of applying for these programs to ensure that the laboratory can host them.

Calls for applicants generally open in February of every year.